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Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition) (4CD) (2015)

Osieron | Alternative / Grunge | Просмотров: 1 033 | Комментарии: 1 | 29 октября 2015
Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition) (4CD) (2015)
Страна: Canada
Жанр: Alternative rock, post-grunge, pop, rock
Год издания диска: 1995 2015 (Remastered, Reissue)
Продолжительность: 03:41:21
Формат: aac VBR, 44KHz, Joint Stereo
Размер файла: 578 mb (инфа для восстановления 3%)
Выпускающая компания: © + ® Maverick, Rhino Entertainment, a Warner Music Group Company.
Переиздание Прекрасного альбома Jagged Little Pill Канадской певицы-красавицы Аланис Мориссетт с большим количеством разнообразных ремиксов, демо записей и ранее не изданный Live приурочено к 20-летию выхода альбома. Альбом, изначально выпущенный в 1995-м году, продан на сегодня в количестве более 30 млн экземпляров.
This 2015 four-disc Jagged Little Pill Collector s Edition includes remastered audio of the original album plus an entire disc of 10 unreleased demos from the era handpicked by Morissette from her archives, offering a deeper and more personal look at the classic album. Also included is a previously unreleased concert from 1995 as well as 2005 s Jagged Little Pill Acoustic.

Jagged Little Pill Acoustic was released in 2005 to celebrate the album s 10th Anniversary, and finds Morissette delivering unplugged and alternate interpretations of every song from the original album.

The set concludes with an unreleased complete concert from the Jagged Little Pill tour. Recorded in London at Subterranea on September 28, 1995, the show captures Morissette at the peak of her success as she makes her highly anticipated UK concert debut. For this powerhouse performance, she was backed by her touring band (dubbed Sexual Chocolate), which featured a stellar rhythm section with bassist Chris Chaney (Jane s Addiction) and drummer Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters).

Alanis Morissette’s classic Jagged Little Pill turned 20 in June, and now the alt icon has announced reissues of the record. Morissette will release a four-disc collector’s edition and a two-disc deluxe edition Oct. 30.Rhino will reissue Alanis Morissette‘s debut, Jagged Little Pill, as a four-CD collector’s edition in October.

Since its release in 1995, the album has sold over 30 million copies and this new set sees the audio remastered and adds a disc of unreleased demos selected by Morissette herself. The 10th Anniversary Jagged Little Pill Acoustic will be the third disc of the collection and more unreleased content in the form of a London concert from 1995 (her live debut in the UK no less) completes the collector’s edition.

Original producer Glen Ballard has overseen the mixing and mastering from this edition which also provides a new essay from Morissette reflecting back on the era and providing stories behind the newly issued demos.

A two-CD deluxe (album and demos) will also be available, although the UK price for the deluxe is so good at the time of writing (just a few pounds more than the double disc set), that you may as well opt for the better packaging and superior content of the collector’s edition.

Jagged Little Pill Collector’s Edition will be released on 30 October 2015.

You could argue that Jagged Little Pill is the commercialised face of grunge. You could argue that Morrisette is just a cynical businesswoman, courting controversy with a few carefully placed, risqué references. You could even argue that this whole angst-rock is just a comfort-blanket for the therapy-generation. But it's still hard to argue that Jagged Little Pill isn't a great album. After all, it's the perfect alternative/mainstream crossover. There's "You Oughta Know", which marries its vitriolic, explicit narrative to thunderous, airbrushed grunge. With references to oral sex, Middle America were shocked, but not quite offended: it sold by the truckload. There's "Ironic", where Morrisette laments the trials that face every housewife ("there's ten thousand spoons / when all you need is a knife") to a scream-along, mosh-friendly chorus. The simple truth is, on Jagged Little Pill, the Canadian-born Alanis Morrisette does a very good job of being America's Everywoman. --Louis Pattison

Disc: 1 Mastered for iTunes (2015 Remastered)

01. All I Really Want (4:42)
02. You Oughta Know (4:07)
03. Perfect (3:05)
04. Hand In My Pocket (3:38)
05. Right Through You (2:53)
06. Forgiven (4:57)
07. You Learn (3:58)
08. Head Over Feet (4:24)
09. Mary Jane (4:38)
10. Ironic (3:47)
11. Not The Doctor (3:44)
12. Wake Up (4:54)
13. You Oughta Know (Jimmy The Saint Blend)/Your House (A Capella) [2015 Remastered]

Disc: 2 (Demos Previously Unreleased)

01. The Bottom Line (4:11)
02. Superstar Wonderful Weirdos (4:23)
03. Closer Than You Might Believe (3:35)
04. No Avalon (4:21)
05. Comfort (4:05)
06. Gorgeous (4:02)
07. King Of Intimidation (3:19)
08. Death Of Cinderella (3:15)
09. London (4:32)
10. These Are The Thoughts (3:16)

Disc: 3 (Jagged Little Pill Acoustic)

01. All I Really Want (5:25)
02. You Oughta Know (4:58)
03. Perfect (3:27)
04. Hand In My Pocket (4:32)
05. Right Through You (3:40)
06. Forgiven (4:44)
07. You Learn (4:11)
08. Head Over Feet (4:18)
09. Mary Jane (5:09)
10. Ironic (3:57)
11. Not The Doctor (4:26)
12. Wake Up (9:56) (Acoustic Album Version + Hidden Track "Your House")

Disc: 4 Live At Subterranean, London 09/28/95 (Previously Unreleased)

01. All I Really Want (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
02. Right Through You (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
03. Not The Doctor (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
04. Hand In My Pocket (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
05. Mary Jane (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
06. Ironic (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
07. You Learn (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
08. Forgiven (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
09. You Oughta Know (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
10. Wake Up (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
11. Head Over Feet (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)
12. Perfect (Live at Subterranea, London 09/28/95)

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Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill, Live

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