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Disturbed - Live at Red Rocks (2016)

Osieron | Alternative / Nu-Metal / Hard Rock | Просмотров: 882 | Комментарии: 3 | 17 ноября 2016
Страна: USA
Жанр: Alternative Metal, Nu-Metal
Продолжительность: 01:04:52
Формат: 320, 44KHz, Stereo, aac VBR, 44KHz, Stereo, itunes store
Издатель (лейбл): © + ® Warner Music Group (Reprise Records)
Размер файла: 150 Mb (инфа для восстановления 3%)
Описание: Disturbed, выпускает свой новый релиз — концертный альбом «Live at Red Rocks». Альбом включает в себя главные песни, выпущенные группой за все 20 лет своего существования. Долгожданный концерт коллектива в Москве! Презентация нового альбома «Immortalized». Состоится 16 марта 2017 – Москва / Stadium Live
Знаменитый метал-коллектив Это и всеми любимые хиты «Down With The Sickness», «Stricken», «Inside The Fire», «Indestructible», «The Vengeful One», «The Light», и классический хит Simon & Garfunkel «The Sound Of Silence», ставший таким популярным в исполнении Disturbed. Данный концерт был записан 15 августа в Колорадо, во время тура группы в поддержку альбома «Immortalized».

Disturbed — хэви-метал группа, которая была основана в 1994 году, США. За время своего существования, группа выпустила 6 альбомом, пять из которых, последовательно дебютировали на первой строчке самого престижного американского хит-парада Billboard 200, а общие продажи альбомов коллектива перевалили за 30 млн.

DISTURBED will release a new live album, titled "Live At Red Rocks", on November 18 via Warner Bros. The album features songs spanning DISTURBED's 20-year-career, including Mainstream Rock chart hits "Down With The Sickness", "Stricken", "Inside The Fire", "Indestructible", "The Vengeful One", "The Light" and their now-platinum-certified version of SIMON & GARFUNKEL's classic hit "The Sound Of Silence". "Live At Red Rocks" is available for pre-order as of today via all DSPs, and those who pre-order will receive an instant download of the album track "The Light".

"Live At Red Rocks" captures DISTURBED's August 15, 2016 show at the fabled Colorado amphitheater where the band stopped during their tour in support of current album, "Immortalized".

As previously reported, DISTURBED's sixth studio album, "Immortalized ", was officially certified gold on September 23 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for sales of more than 500,000 copies. The certification came seven months after RIAA started including on-demand audio and video streams and a track sale equivalent in gold and platinum album award.

"Immortalized" features DISTURBED's version of "The Sound Of Silence", which has been a huge hit for the band. Paul Simon shared his approval of it publicly after watching the band perform the song on "Conan" and also exchanging e-mails with singer David Draiman.

DISTURBED's record label, Warner Bros., credited the song's popularity to the video for "Silence", which was released in December 2015. To date, the clip has been seen more than 114 million times, a record number of views on YouTube for the group.

"Immortalized" was released in August 2015. The effort became the band's fifth LP in a row to enter the chart at No. 1 — a feat shared only with METALLICA and DAVE MATTHEWS BAND.

Speaking about DISTURBED's comeback after going on a four-year hiatus in 2011, Draiman told Fight+Music: "It's been amazing. The fire has been stoked. We're performing at a level that I personally believe is unprecedented in our careers. The crowds have been amazing, huge. We've really been overwhelmed throughout the duration of this cycle with the amount of success that we've seen. We're very, very grateful.
"Heavy metal band Disturbed came together through the matching of a band with a singer. Longtime friends Dan Donegan (guitar), Mike Wengren (drums), and Fuzz (bass) played together in Chicago for some time before hooking up with singer David Draiman around 1997. Draiman had grown up in a religious family against which he rebelled, being expelled from five boarding schools in his adolescence. His anger found an outlet in the thrashing sound of Disturbed, and the band built up a following on Chicago's South Side before a demo tape led to their signing to Giant Records, which released their debut album, The Sickness, in March 2000. The band gained more fans and exposure playing the main stage of the 2001 Ozzfest, then broke away to do their own self-described "victory lap" around the U.S. that fall. Also during this period, they managed to record a vicious new version of wrestler Steve Austin's theme song that was so good it managed to receive radio play, and they were one of the bands announced to work on a high-profile Faith No More tribute album.

Disturbed stepped into the studio after stepping off of the road and began work on a new disc that would reflect their growth as a band. Feeling experimental, the bandmembers worked with producer Johnny K and mixer Andy Wallace in order to create an album that could compare to other classic metal records they admired. Amplifying their fondness for groups like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Pantera, and Soundgarden, Believe was released in the fall of 2002 and was recognized as a heavier, more varied, and ultimately superior record to their debut, ultimately reaching the top of the Billboard 200. After completing a tour to support the album, Fuzz left the band and was replaced by former Union Underground member John Moyer. The tour document Music as a Weapon II appeared in 2004, followed by the ambitious studio full-length Ten Thousand Fists in September 2005 and Indestructible in 2008. In 2010, Disturbed released their fifth studio album, Asylum.
Disturbed - Live at Red Rocks (2016)

In July 2011, the bandmembers announced that they would be going on an indefinite hiatus. The Lost Children, a collection of rarities and B-sides, arrived in November of that year. During their time apart, Moyer joined Adrenaline Mob and formed Art of Anarchy (with Scott Weiland as lead singer), Draiman started an industrial metal band called Device, and Donegan and Wengren formed Fight or Flight. After a dinner meeting between Draiman and Donegan in early 2014, the band began hatching plans to return. The duo wrote songs together in the same room for the first time since 2001 and recording sessions were soon booked. Working with producer Kevin Churko in Las Vegas, their next album harked back to a classic heavy metal sound. Immortalized was released in August 2015 and became their fifth consecutive studio album to top the Billboard 200. ~ William Ruhlmann & Bradley Torreano, Rovi

01. Introduction (1:22)
02. Ten Thousand Fists (3:28)
03. The Game (3:53)
04. The Vengeful One (5:02)
05. Prayer (3:45)
06. Liberate (3:33)
07. The Animal (4:21)
08. Stupify (5:27)
09. The Sound Of Silence (4:19) (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)
10. Lost Soul (0:56)
11. Inside The Fire (3:54)
12. The Light (5:18)
13. Stricken (4:15)
14. Indestructible (4:15)
15. Voices (3:16)
16. Down With The Sickness (7:12)


Dan Donegan: Lead/Rhythm Guitars, E-Bow, Keyboards, Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals
David Draiman: Lead Vocals
Mike Wengren: Drums, Percussion
John Moyer: Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals
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Disturbed - Immortalized (Deluxe Japan Edition)

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Disturbed - The Collection (5-LP Set) (2012)

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