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Dylsexia - Chronicles Of The Goredragon (2012)

Bael | Core / Grindcore | Просмотров: 610 | Комментарии: 2 | 16 июля 2012
Dylsexia - Chronicles Of The Goredragon (2012)
Исполнитель: Dylsexia
Альбом: Chronicles Of The Goredragon
Год выхода: 2012
Страна: Sweden
Жанр: Goregrind
Время: 29:25
Качество: [email protected] kbps
Размер: 97 Mb

01. Once Upon A Time The Rectal Ring Of Fire Created The Earth, The People And The Asstral Planes By The Power Of His Word 00:48
02. And All Living Things With An Anus Were Created In His Image With The Holy Mark Between Their Asscheeks 01:00
03. From The Most Ancient Brown Roses, Hymns Of Analfuckery Were Murmured 00:53
04. As He Shits, So He Creates - An Ode To The Flaming Rectum 01:17
05. Behold, Three Kingdoms Were Forged From Rivers Of Boiling Shit 00:46
06. The Nine Anal Wonders Of Analia 00:35
07. Gorefire Burning Upon The Shit-Veiled Throne Of King Anus 00:20
08. Crapcraft And Fartfire (Beyond The Temple Of Flatulence) 00:53
09. By The Sore Buttcheeks Of Yonder, A More Splendid Sight In This Realm Cannot Be 01:36
10. A Tale From The Unknown Rectum 00:32
11. Within The Forest Of The Re-Animated Badgers, Where Bad Taste Reigns And Political Correctness Is Laughed At 00:39
12. Holding The Enchanted Cocktails Of Ancestral Clit-Juice Aloft To Pay Homage To Those Whom Yet Hasn't Transcended Through Rectal Rape 00:20
13. Goredragon - Gorelord Of The Bloody Mountain 01:12
14. The March Of The Goremaster 00:37
15. Power Of The Goredragonflame 00:31
16. Entwining Rectal Spells, King Anus Last Stand (The Fall Of Analia) 00:50
17. Decade Of Analion 01:12
18. The Black Turdsnake Of Death Slithering Forth Like The Aftermath Of A Bad Tacodinner 00:54
19. Rain Of A Thousand Flaming Retards 00:42
20. At The Mountains Of Madness An Unholy Shit-Stew Filled The Air With An Odour Of Torture 01:08
21. And In The Woods Of Anuseth The Druids Stuck Branches Up Their Sore Asses 00:24
22. The Masturbator In The Catacombs Of Kukh 00:46
23. At The Top Of The Tower At The Range Of The Mountains Of Horror The Dark Wizards Were Snorting Anal Fluids 00:46
24. Entombed Below The Peaks Of Erectusia, The Primordial Dwellers Dream Eternally Of Unprotected Anal-Skewering 00:36
25. Born Beneath A Scrotal-Shaped Moon 00:48
26. Longing For Victory, Longing For Love, In The Land Where Goredragons Fly 01:03
27. In Search Of The Lost Pornographic Scrolls Of Prutt 00:44
28. The Grand Molestor 01:54
29. Foreskin-Maps Of The Ancient Cosmofuckers 00:30
30. And Lo, When The Sons Of Dylsexia Marches Against Mongolomania, The Ancient Cosmofuckian Braindead Sorceries Shall Enshroud The Citadel Of The Pungent Anal Crevice 01:12
31. Journey To The Isle Of Shit (Over The Starless Depths Of Fecal-Brown Seas) 01:09
32. Gods Of The Sphincter Voids, Heed Our Cries Of War! 00:38
33. Battling The Goredragon (Symphony Of Enchanted Fecal Matter) 00:34
34. A Legacy Written In Blood, Sweat, Urine, Feces And Semen 00:09
35. Diarrhea Is Blazing Across Piss Yellow Seas (Aurora Shitealis) 00:25
36. In The Temple Of The Rectal Ring Of Fire Wherein Priests Performs Rimjobs Upon Eachother Invoking Trembling Orgasms In Praise Of His Glorious Name 01:02


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Добавил: human_dead 17 июля 2012 11:35
Ерунда, а не goregrind.
Добавил: shreddedcunt 19 июля 2012 01:33
калище ебаное crying
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