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Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Awaiting The Video Game Crash (2013 Remaster) (2005)

КИНОшник | Electronic / Digital Hardcore | Просмотров: 673 | Комментарии: 0 | 12 января 2014
Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Awaiting The Video Game Crash (2013 Remaster) (2005)Исполнитель: Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
Альбом: Awaiting The Video Game Crash (2013 Remaster)
Год: 2005
Страна: USA
Стиль: Cybergrind
Битрейт: vbr
Размер: 147 мб
01 Capcom Still Doesn’t Present
02 In Loving Memory Of The Integrity Of The Video Game Industry, We Shall Rape Lara Croft With A Plunger
03 Poon Tank
04 KMFCM(Kill Mother Fuckin’ Cory Monster)
05 Girls Who Google Their Name
06 Ashleevanilli (Aka “Girl You Know It’s Girl You Know It’s”)
07 Fefe Dobson, Dog’s Name Dog’s Face Dog’s Talent (Dog’s Collar)
08 Why Do Anime Chicks Like Intelligent Men? … Because Opposites Attract
09 Drowning Caitlin Betchel In Her Fake Ass Tears
10 Androgyny Isn’t Hardcore (But Hey, Neither Are We)
11 9/13/93
12 Awaiting The Video Game Crash
13 Adam Cooley’s Girl Is Lame (But He’s Still Mah Dawg)
14 Napalm Sticks To Little Girls
15 New Games Suck, But They’re Still Better Than Girls
16 We Blew Up The Blood Banks To Kill You Vampire Wannabes And Your Girlfriends
17 Unfuckable Girls With Huge Mullets From The 80′s
18 Shoujocide
19 Maury Povich Will Be Right Back After These Messages
20 Rape A Redhead In A Santa Hat For The Brothas That Ain’t Here No Mo
21 New Black Eyed Peas Vs. Old Black Eyed Peas (White Girls Ruin Everything)
22 Shit, Aren’t Those Your Panties In That Vending Machine?
23 Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme Song
24 John Romero Will Make You His Bitch
25 Sebastianna’s Coke Nail
26 Psychic Enemy Hotline
27 Adult Swim Vs. Mindless Self Indulgence In The Battle For Most Annoying Fanbase Ever
28 And The Winner Is. . . .DIR EN GREY!!
29 The Tale Of Jennifer Being Kicked Off CM’s Friend List Pt. 1
30 The Tale Of Jennifer Being Kicked Off CM’s Friend List Pt. 2
31 If You Were A True Gamer Girl, You’d Jam On My Joystick
32 Neopets Doesn’t Count As A Strategy Game
33 EGM Tribute Song (Thank God You Pissed Off The Dir En Grey Fancunts)
34 Electronic GAY-ming Monthly (R U E for Sony to fuck your ass?)
35 Did You Eat Craps (J-Rock Got Me Nothing But Enemies Pt. 2)
36 NEWS FLASH: Krystal Yang Finally Comes Forward About Being The Cause Of The Herpes Epidemic Within The Visual Kei Scene
37 Xbox Murder Mystery 2 Electric Boogaloo
38 Waiting For Magenta On The Porch With Shotgun In Hand
39 Suitcase Girl (Some Assembly Required)
40 The Only Good Thing That Ever Came Out Of Her Mouth Was My Black Cock
41 Pokérap
42 If Promiscuity Was An Olympic Event You’d Be Polishing That Gold Medal Right Now
43 Some Girl On IMDB Said Battle Royale 2 Was Better Than The Original
44 This Is Adam Cooley’s World, You Hoes Just Live In It
45 Zack Morris’s Cell Phone
46 Music To Pop Zits To
47 Not Quite Gamers, Not Quite Whores, Failures At Both
48 I Bet There Were Otaku In The Heaven’s Gate Cult
49 Cunt Flavored Slushies
50 The Crackpipe In Elizabeth’s Handbag
51 Why Princesses Wear Pink
52 Let’s Just Pretend You Tried To Rape Me So My Parents Won’t Think I’m A Slut
53 Hoobastank Made Her Do It – The Rachelle Waterman Story, Tonight On Lifetime
54 Crazy Joe Will Smash You With His Truck And Drag You Under The Trailer Tandems
55 Maximum Scene Points For Being A Tranny
56 The Song That Killed One Unfortunate DDR Champ (And Injured 3 Others)
57 What? Another Sex Tape?
58 No, One Rakey Blowjob Behind The Karaoke Room At Otakon Does Not Entitle You To A Free PSP
59 Does Ubisoft Fix Your Mascara When You Cry After Losing?
60 Telling The Camera Guy From Bang Bus To Shut The Fuck Up
61 If A Dead Rock Star Were Gonna Posess ANYONE, Why The FUCK Would They Choose An Obsessed Fancunt Like You
62 Kystine Kystine, Wannabe Groupie Machine
63 Mary Kate’s Coke Nail
64 Mary Kate’s Coke Nail Vs. Sebastianna’s Coke Nail
65 Lining Up All The Spongebob Queerpants Fans And Chopping Off Their Heads One By One. . . .Genetic Cleansing At It’s Finest
66 Fuck, You’re Not Even Pretty When You Cry
67 Get Fucking Cancer
68 The New Video Game Crash
69 This Is Track Sixty-Nine!!!! (Featuring Girls Against Boys Guy, Snapcase Guy And Nick Cave)
70 No One Should Die At A Concert, But Everyone Should Die At A Rave

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