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Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Vulvajuiceconsumption (2010)

Psychic Terror | Grind | Просмотров: 851 | Комментарии: 0 | 21 апреля 2012
Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Vulvajuiceconsumption (2010)

Исполнитель: Omphalectoicxanthopsia
Альбом: Vulvajuiceconsumption
Год Выпуска:2010
Страна: USA
Жанр: Cyber Pornoise
Время: 11:21
Качество: TRUE!!!!
Размер: 15,5 MB

1.Omphalectoicxanthopsia (Pt. 1// Intro)
2.Icterus Neonatorum Plus Icterusgravisneonatorum which Caused Severe Jaundice in the Newborn due to Extreme Mega-erythroblastanalfetalis causing the Foetus to Experience Ictus and Severe Pulsation (The Dead Yellow Infant)
3.A Motile of Faeces Found in the Anal Tract Brings Forth A Severe Shift in the Myeloid also Affecting fragments of the Mycobacterriumaviumcomplex along with other cavities, but mostly enjoyed through the Sexual Gratification of Faeces Excreted from the Sphincter
4.An Unreliable Factor in Pharmacogenomics in Which the Drug Used was a Small Dose of Vulvajuice , In which the Patient was Forced to Swallow, Ingurgitate-Regurgitate, and Consume Once More showed that Once Consumed, One Found it Extremely Difficult to Resist the Urge for More (Vulvajuiceconsumption Pt. 1)
5.A Secundigravida Ruined by Infected Seminal Fluid that had Been Forcefully Placed Inside Her Vulva against will, and unconscious, The Cervix Was Discovered then Dissected for Pleasure, Forcefully Injected with Semen, and Left for the Medical Examiner
6.Titubatic Responses To The Sight of Vomit, Urine and/or Faeces
7.Clitoridcartilage Digested for Enlightenment but The Small Anterior or Clitorides were hard to chew and swallow – Descensusanalstructure collapsing in my mouth – False membranicdysentery from the dipherloid – Drinking her Diarrheoa – Tonguing the Aroused Clitordistructure Made It Become Entirely Engorged in Vulvajuice (Vulvajuiceconsumption Pt. 2) – The Urge to Consume Her Vomit – Faeces found in the Urinarytract were soon destroyed by the Jaundicamdiuresis – Semensplooge in the Clavicle – Clearing the utericyanblastesis for Cloaicalpenetration – The Bitch is Tied up for my session of Vomitgulp & Phallactorture
8.Secreticinvolvement between the open orifice of the Stoma & Sputumspewing Female – Diureticgonorrheoa – Celevagspot – Adipicanalard felt with Care but Shattered with Hate – Chilofaeces – The Vein-full Diplomesascrotum Stroking – I Consume Her Vomit as my Scrotum Gorges in her Vulva – Faecal Flavored Pudding Oozes from Her Prolapsed Asshole into My Cup of Urine which will be consumed slowly – Uretheythromegfacsitosis – Mycervictomy – Abdominaliquid is Caressed into the Hands of the Partner, and Used as Lubricant – I Swallowed My Own Cum and Puked it back into her Mouth – Slurping Vulvajuice to Fulfill my needs of Clitoriccystalgia (Vulvajuiceconsumption Pt. 3) – An Enemaorgy Containing Many Analfull Participants – The Mindset of A Coprophilliac – S.C.A.T. (Sucking Clits And Tits) – Indulged In A Septic Fantasy – Vulvicotomy Through the Jejunum – Platyanalsyphillis – A Suppartive Facial – Purulent Pussy Discharge – Shaved Shemale Sphincters – Teratavicprocregion – My Dick: Consumed
9.With One Fist in Her Ass & One in Her Cunt, I Choked Her with A Gigantic Dildo: My Dick was Lonely – To Wake Up to A Warm Shower of A 7-Female Enema (My Mind Pt. 1) – Chunkridden Vomit Ingested Through A 1 Liter Bottle – Ultimate Intercourse Climaxed with A Colonoscopy – Fucked in Purulency – Gaping Stoma Stretched from My Phallacinjections – To Be Facedown in Her Shit (My Mind Pt. 2)
10.Pusgagged After my Turn of Barbaric Emotions Towards Her Boyfriend’s Semensak. The Process is as follows: A Slow Dissection with One Scalpel through his Penescrotal Region, After releasing the testes, I collect the excess Pus from the once known Penis and Feed it to her as A Gag Gift – Driedvomitfood for Later Cravings
11.Bradyurethraorrheoea (Faces of Gore cover)
12.Enjoying the Post-mortal Vomit Secreting from the Cadaver of a Fresh Female – My Life is Surgery – Vulvajuice Poured into the Analorifice and Excreted Into Mine – Urophagicsounds of the Urineobsessed – Gagging on the Insides – The Grotesque Sounds of eXXXtreme Pornography – Taught to Love Faeces from the Tocotalgic Time Period – Filling Up Her Asshole with more Milk than She Can Handle so She Vomits Forth Warmilk for me to Ingest (My Mind Pt. 3) – The Last Drip and Slurp Vulvajuice (Vulvajuiceconsumption Pt. 4)
13.Omphalectoicxanthopsia (Pt. 2//Outro)


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