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Bodily Wastes - Sophisticated Pleasures (EP) (2010)

Bael | Grind | Просмотров: 534 | Комментарии: 1 | 22 апреля 2012
Bodily Wastes - Sophisticated Pleasures (EP) (2010)
Исполнитель: Bodily Wastes
Альбом: Sophisticated Pleasures (EP)
Год выхода: 2010
Страна: Россия
Жанр: Gorenoise
Время: 21:22
Качество: mp3@CBR@320 KBit/s
Размер: 50 Mb

1. Letting Giant Scolopendras Crawl Inside Her Unconscious Body Through All Possible Orifices And Lustfully Masturbating As Her Entrails Begin To Swell Because Of Their Venomous Bites And Start Protruding Through The Epithelial Tissue
2. Shooting Speedball With An Infected Syringe After Pulling It Out Of The Pus Clotted Vein Of A Moribund Overdosed Junkie Who Was Found Inside The Dumpster Lying Among Various Trash And His Own Malodorous Excrements
3. The Penis Which Has Been Orally Amputated, Carefully Masticated, Digested, Defecated, Eaten Again In It's New Fecal Condition, Vomited Out In Liquid State and Conserved In A Jar By A Sophisticated Person With Cannibalistic And Coprophagic Propensities
4. The Presence Of Parasitic Worms In The Lymphatic System Causes The Obstruction Of Lymphatic Vessels Which Leads To Scrotal Elephantiasis And Allows To Humiliate Sexual Partners By Teabagging Them With Abnormally Huge Swollen Scrotum
5. Sexual Contact With Small Amphibians Is Possible By Means Of Covering the Penis With Faeces to Attract the Flies and Putting It Close to a Frog Which Would Start Catching the Insects with It's Sticky Tongue and In This Way Provide Oral Pleasure
6. Shit Covered Beard, Shit Smelling Breath and Shit Stained Clothes (The Description Of The Dangerous Coprophagist Who Has Commited Numerous Fecally Motivated Offences Such As Pushing People Out Of The Public Toilet Cabins And Eating Their Unflushed Excrements Straight From The Toilet Bowl)
7. Lethal Outcome As The Result Of Dissolution Of Large Quantities Of Diacetylmorphine In The Gastric Juice After The Depressurization Of Drug Containing Capsules Inside The Gastrointestinal Tract Of The Heroin Smuggler
8. Gagged By Used Toilet Paper, Sodomized By A Toilet Brush, Beaten With A Rusty Metal Pipe Till The Loss Of Consciousness, Wrapped In A Trash Bag And Finally Buried Alive In A Verminous Cesspit
9. Disconnecting An Old Woman's Shitfilled Colostomy Bag To Gag Her With It While Penetrating Her Stoma With My Erected Phallus, Oozing With Preejaculatory Secretions, And Taking Pleasure In Having It Covered With Faeces And Festering Intestinal Slime
10. Blenncardichromodacryexgenitohaemgene [Amoebe Cover]
11. Malmishaplaextripsy Which Lead To Nothing But White Heels And A Mouthful of Scrotalsqueezings [Omphalectoicxanthopsia Cover]

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