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Urine Festival - Of A Hermaphroditic Enema & An Urophilic Pissparty Pleasure (2002)

Bael | Grind | Просмотров: 728 | Комментарии: 2 | 3 мая 2014
Urine Festival - Of A Hermaphroditic Enema & An Urophilic Pissparty Pleasure (2002)
Исполнитель: Urine Festival
Альбом: Of A Hermaphroditic Enema & An Urophilic Pissparty Pleasure
Год выхода: 2002
Страна: Netherlands
Жанр: Cybergrind/Porngrind/Gorenoise
Время: 01:06:04
Качество: mp3@CBR320 kbps
Размер: 136,8 Mb

01. Intro: A Desired Surgical Procedure That Interieres with the Change of Sex by Reconnecting the Urinary System as a Result That the Prostate Releases a Fetid Secretion.
02. Urethral Shock.
03. Pleurourieczemacariapyocyaneusepitodenal Release with the Loss of External Smegm.
04. Libidious Symptoms for Clitoral Pyorrhoea.
05. Bacteriuriaherposeborrhoeasialis Suppurate.
06. Cloacalexstrophyamyelomenigocele Strepptoagenesis.
07. Odourless Purging of the Urethral Canal and Orifice.
08. Coercing of Forcing a Nonconsenting Person to Engage in Urethral Klysmaphilia While Observing and Touching Their Body.
09. Adenocarcinomasiureteroileac Cecalenterocystoplasm.
10. Pseudo Gonorrhoeaheic Facials.
11. Propulsive Clitoral Acnialabscessive Liquorrhoeac Procedures.
12. Feculent Ejects of Recrements Via Anal Ways.
13. Colon Lavage of Dysentrial Blennorrhoea.
14. Experiments on Orifecial Coitus and Forceful Penetration.
15. Vaselined Pesserial Ejaculate Functional as Lubricant.
16. Fluxus Poesial Enzyme.
17. Trans-colonic Ureterointestinal Silastic Ureteral Prostheses.
18. Mondo Clitoridectomy.
19. The Ability of the Bladder to Adapt to Urinary Filling Without Changes in Intravesical Pressure Resulting in a Lower Bladder Volume Threshold for Involuntary Voiding.
20. Lipurall Genital Bullous & Lobus .
21. Retro Adne-xial Groinvolume.
22. Endo Placental Pyccolporrheic Aroma.
23. Lactacytoplastimenorrheic Serum.
24. Urinesediments Shower.
25. Seroesaloedemagesochymarithroeac Menses.
26. Intense Urineslurping Festival.
27. Mouthful with Vulvaphuric Acid.
28. Burning Sensation in Sexual Organs During Intercourse Comes Along with Excessive Fecal Incontinence.
29. Narrowing of the Outer Third of the Vagina by Increased.
30. Pubococcygeal Muscle Tension and Vasocongestion Fascination for Consuming Diarrhoea and Ingestion of Feces and Urine.
31. Full Syndrome of Noncoital Clitoral Stimulation.
32. Compulsive Neurocristopathiachronic Dyspareunia.
33. Pyocelial Uterogestinalileocutaneostomic Implant .
34. Endocrinial Pylorol Spasmorectagenitourinarial Ejaculatory.
35. The Loss of Bladder or Bowel Control Emits a Foul Odour of Prosthetic Fluids and Jizzum.
36. Oral Uromesis.
37. Urinary Incontinence due to Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency.
38. Secculastopyelonelaxised Anal Fissure.
39. Acute Urilateral Obstructive Uropathy.
40. Urethral Irrigation Clogged with Blood and Tissue.
41. Fetid Encopresial Release with a Swellingof External Genitalia.
42. The Emission of Semen Caused by Contractions of the Urethra.
43. Open and Suprapubic Prostatectomy..
44. The Contact with Urine Experienced as Enjoyable.
45. Artificial Gastric and Warm Colostomic Urinary Reservoir.
46. Urea-splitting Urinary Tube Infections.
47. The Precision of Gastrocystoplasty Without Gastric Acid Secretion Release.
48. An Urethral Carcinoma Occurs in Cystoprostatourethrectomy and in General Ureteroproctostomy.
49. Urine Analysis.
50. Unsuspected Urethral Polyps and Tumours .
51. Transcolonic Ureterointestinal Replacement.
52. Cloacal Malformation.
53. Gynecoleiomyosarcomacervix.
54. Dysuria and Hematuria in Urinary Reconstruction Involving the Stomach.
55. Fecal Cream.
56. An Aseptic Ureteroenterostomic Jejunumosia.
57. Continuoulsy Gastrourethral Urinary Leakage.
58. Diverting the Orifices of the Ureters into the Rectum.
59. Bilateral Ureterorectal ilstulse and Obstruction.
60. Possible Regurgitation of Urine Throughout the Colon.
61. Collect the Urine Draining from the Lleal Gastric Conixit Stoma.
62. Creative and Sophisticated Procedures to Correct Abnormalities of the Genito-Urinary Tract.
63. Circumierentialsubcoronal Lucisions.
64. An Extraluminal Orifice with Total Fecal Exclusion.
65. Endoscopic Uterogestinal Flopsy.
66. Osmotic DiarrhoeaRusfolder



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Добавил: Racer100500 3 мая 2014 17:41
это знать надо, это классика!! (с)

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Заебок !

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