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Trips and Falls - People Have to Be Told (2011)

shummuhs | Indie | Просмотров: 511 | Комментарии: 0 | 6 декабря 2011
Trips and Falls - People Have to Be Told (2011)
Artist: Trips and Falls
Title Of Album: People Have to Be Told
Year Of Release: 26-09-2011
Label: Song, by Toad Records
Genre: Indie
Format: mp3
Quality: CBR 320 Kbps
Total Time: 37:00 min
Total Size: 84.2 MB


1. I'll Do the Dishes, You Do the Laundry 3:43
2. Good People Are Always So Sure They're Right 5:13
3. I Learned Sunday Morning, On a Wednesday 2:57
4. Is That My Soul That Calls Upon My Name? 4:12
5. Marginally More Than Mildly Annoying 2:38
6. That Is a Big Door 4:58
7. This Is All Going to End Badly 2:25
8. Why Should Now Be Normal? 4:47
9. That's What She Said 6:06

I first learned of Montreal group Trips and Falls via a random browse through Song by Toad Records, the offshoot of the Song by Toad blog. The core of the band began with Jacob Romero and Paul Gareau with added vocals from Ashleigh Delaye. Gareau has now been replaced with Ian Langohr, and it seems as though Ashleigh Delaye has a more prominent place in the band line-up. The song that originally gripped me with its shambolic bittersweetness was “Prelude to a Shark Attack” from their 2009 debut album He Was Such a Quiet Boy. The record contained other intriguing song titles and premises like “Breaking Up with My Mormon Missionaries” and “And in Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants,” and the music veered from an offbeat melancholy to a playful acoustic sound that flirted around the greyer edges of twee. The music could be cinematic in some areas while claustrophobic in others; music box glockenspiel was pitted against noises like malfunctioning technology. In many ways, it seemed like the perfect soundtrack to a mumblecore film. Earlier this year, I was happy to hear that Trips and Falls had produced a sophomore album, People Have to Be Told. Overall, the record feels like an anxiety dream with plenty of relentless, accelerating guitars and drums, and patches of woozy reverb. A motif of secrets recurs whether they’re hidden or exposed, making for a furtive atmosphere with bursts of volatility when the restraint seems to be too much.

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