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VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography

gkjoflm | Jazz / Bop / Modern Jazz / Fusion | Просмотров: 1 142 | Комментарии: 0 | 29 августа 2012
VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography VA - Jazz Brazil: Malandro Records Discography

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Malandro Records Discography
Year Of Release: 1996 - 2001
Label: Malandro Records
Genre: Latin, Brazilian Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Bossa Nova, Samba, Afro-Brazilian
Format: MP3
Quality: VBR kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo
Total Time: 07:31:34
Total Size: 790 mb (+5%rec.)
WebSite: en.wikipedia.org


Agua De Moringa - Saracoteando (2000)

Agua de Moringa's second U.S. release captures the passion and sophistication of chorinho. The group's expansive use of native and classical instruments give their Brazilian jazz a spicy, intoxicating flavor. Tracks include "Fon-Fon," "Retalhos" and "Arabiando." ~ Heather Phares, Rovi

01 Fon-Fon!
02 Aguenta Seu Fulgencio
03 Modulando
04 Sensivel
05 Saracoteando
06 Arabiando
07 Bolacha Queimada
08 Retalhos
09 Intocuvel
10 Choro Pro Ze
11 Com Mais de Mil
12 Suite Nordestina: I. Violeiro
13 Suite Nordestina: II. Cabocolinhos
14 Suite Nordestina: III. Pedinte
15 Suite Nordestina: IV. Polca
16 Suite Nordestina: V. Frevo

Cafe Jam - Moio (Rhythmic Spice) 1999

The quintet Cafe Jam hails from Sao Paulo, and their release is perfect listening for a summer's day picnic, smooth jazz with just a pinch of the tropical. Included among the twelve tunes are two Jobim compositions, "Passarim," featuring Paulo Pascali, Jr., on tenor, and "Samba do Aviao." Pascali's tenor, and the overall high level of musicianship, is good reason to keep from dismissing this release as just another smooth jazz entry.

Pascali composed two tunes, pianist Marcelo Zanettini three tunes, bassist Yoshiya Kusamura two tunes, including the eponymous "Cafe Jam," and guitarist Benoit Decharneux two tunes. The group's musical influences include Spyro Gyra, the Yellowjackets, Earth Wind & Fire, Weather Report, and a host of other fusion, pop, and even disco artists. Basically, you'd be hard pressed to identify Cafe Jam as Brazilian but for the Portuguese song titles. But it's very well done, and if you're planning a picnic by the lake…

1. Moio
2. Maca
3. Horario de Verao
4. Samba Do Aviao
5. Pedra Grande
6. Riberao
7. Cafe Jam
8. Rio
9. Passarim
10. A Vida Toda Pela Frente
11. Fatos
12. America

Carlos Malta - Jeitinho Brasiliero (1998)

Malandro Records has done it again. Carlos Malta's Jeitinho Brasileiro has all the right ingredients to please jazz and pop fans alike. Malta is known to many as "the man of 7 instruments." When you hear Jeitinho Brasileiro, you will understand how true that statement is. Malta is a wizard whether playing the whole saxophone family or the flutes and piccolos.

Jeitinho Brasileiro is a collection of Brazilian classics aptly mixed with Malta's own compositions. In addition to his masterful performances of Pixinguinha and Joao de Barro's "Carinhoso" and Ary Barroso's "Isso Aqui o Que E," Malta also presents contemporary composers such as Caetano Veloso ("Luz do Sol") among others. Whether with classic compositions or more recent music, as in the case of Guinga and Aldir Blanc's "Exasperada," the key element that grabs your attention in Jeitinho Brasileiro is Malta's artistry and attention to alluring and appealing arrangements. Whereas "Carinhoso is more classic -- the Guerra-Peixe String Quartet provides that early 20th century touch -- "Camaleao" is more experimental and changing. Here Malta adds some vocal dubs and percussion to bring out a jungle-like beat. Just like a chameleon, Jeitinho Brasileiro also changes from track to track. Jane Duboc's haunting vocals in "Luz do Sol" is ethereal. In contrast with that, "Luz da Lua" is soft and rich sounding. Having Nico Assumpcao's bass work in that song certainly adds to that deep sensation. Exploring the variety in several wind instruments, "Baguncando o Meu Coreto" is a jovial and fun frevo supported by Malta's own Coreto Urbano group. Giving continuity to the sounds of the northeast of Brazil, Malta then invites Lenine, one of Brazil's leading song writers from the state of Pernambuco. With Jackson do Pandeiro's "Morena Bela," Lenine is joined by Pife Muderno, a group of percussion and flute headed by Malta himself. Lenine's solo is tribal and intense. This is what Malta refers to as "jungle fife." "Morena Bela" performance is simply outstanding. You will not be able to forget that song. Another remarkable number is the duet between Malta's bamboo flute and Guinga's guitar in "Exasperada." The lyric guitar solo is enhanced by the anguished sounds of the bamboo flute. The result again is truly exquisite and touching.

Jeitinho Brasileiro is as rich and varied as Brazil. Malta is capable of presenting a diverse repertoire with ease and competence. He knows how to get the most out of his instruments, a trait only found in consummate performers.

You can also read my interview with Carlos Malta here (in Portuguese only). Malta talks about his career, this album and other projects. This album was originally released in Brazil under the title O Escultor do Vento.

01 Carinhoso
02 Paradindonde
03 Luz do Sol
04 Ponto de Bala
05 Luz da Lua
06 Camaleao
07 Jeitinho Brasileiro
08 Baguncando o Meu Coreto
09 As Tres Mocas
10 Folia de Formosa e Chapuri
11 Morena Bela
12 Intuitiva
13 Mergulho da Sereia
14 Exasperada
15 Isso Aqui o Que E

Filo Machado - Cantando Um Samba (2004)

01. Jelly Fish
02. Iara-Iuri
03. Distorted Theme
04. Mouth Of The Lion
05. Pam Pam
06. Capim
07. Improvisation
08. For You
09. Singing Samba
10. Take Five
11. Mother
12. Babalue Babalua

Juarez Moreira - Bom Dia (1998)

Guitarist Juarez Moreira on Bom Dia runs the entire gamut from choro to other basic Brazilian springboards to exploration, such as the simple melodies of toada and distinctive, syncopative style of baiao. This is the first U.S. release of the jazz guitarist and composer native to Minas Gerais, the interior of Brazil. The boundary-crossing album mixes world, pop, and jazz. ~ Tom Schulte, Rovi

01 Bom Dia (4:57)
02 Depois Do Amor (4:40)
03 Samba Pra Toninho (4:18)
04 Pas de Deux (2:11)
05 Baiao Barroco (4:09)
06 Chora Jazz (2:15)
07 Valsa Pra Maria (3:17)
08 Diamantina (4:19)
09 Chaplin (1:23)

Ladston Do Nascimento - A Voz Do Coracao (2000)

Nascimento is a powerful and expressive vocalist on the Brazilian popular music scene. Like Sinatra he comes across as a popular vocalist with a touch of jazz interpretation in his delivery. On A Voz de Coracao (Voice of the Heart) you hear this master singer, a leading voice in the MPB (Brazilian popular music) genre. Malandro continues to maintain high quality and a broad mind in documenting the best of Brazilian samba, bossa nova, MPB, and other genres that have "at least a touch of jazz." ~ Tom Schulte, All Music Guide

01 Voice Of The Heart
02 Dark Skinned Girl
03 Morning
04 Little Baiao
05 Apprentice
06 Belo Horizonte
07 Kings
08 Two Viola Players
09 Missing The Brazilian
10 Sensibility
11 Confines
12 Sorrel
13 Until When?

Rick Udler & Maria Alvim - Rhythm & Romance (1996)

Born in Santiago, Chile (1963), Rick Udler grew up in the United States initially. In 1974 his family moved in Sao Paulo. It was at that time that Rick started on guitar. A few other moves in the early 1980's took Rick to places such as Los Angeles, New Orleans and Miami. He studied guitar with Ted Greene and Brazilian legend Paulinho Nogueira. In 1987 Rick moved back to Brazil, where he has been ever since. Always a lover of bossa nova and other Brazilian genres, Rick returned to Brazil to stay close to the music he loves and the musicians he admires. In 1990 he met singer Maria Alvim (Belo Horizonte, MG). The result of that partnership has lasted through the years and produced the very first release of the wonderful Brazilian music label Malandro Records back in 1996: Rhythm & Romance.

01 Brasusa (Rick Udler)
02 Sou Mais o Samba (Rick Udler - Paulo Cesar Pinheiro)
03 Cine Maraba (Rick Udler - J.C. Costa Netto)
04 Nego Maluco (Edu Lobo - Chico Buarque)
05 Festa dos Navegantes (Rick Udler - Rita Alterio)
06 Drao (Gilberto Gil)
07 Our Love Is Here to Stay (George Gershwin - Ira Gershwin)
08 Tio Samba (Rick Udler)
09 Encontros e Despedidas (Milton Nascimento)
10 Rhythm & Romance (Rick Udler)
11 Feito Roupa (Rick Udler - Danylo)
12 Catimbo (Rick Udler - Paulo Cesar Pinheiro)
13 O Morro Nao Tem Vez (Antonio Carlos Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes)
14 Lacraia (Rick Udler - Maria Alvim)

Matta & Meukens - Encontros: Meetings (2000)

01. Summer in San Francisco
02. Baden
03. Amor Em Paz (Once I Loved)
04. Chorinho No. 2
05. Rosa
06. Junity
07. Chega de Saudade (No More Blues)
08. Prague in March
09. Forests (Let Them Be Free)
10. This Is for Luisa
11. O Ovo (The Egg)

Rabo de Lagartixa - Quebra-Queixo (2000)

Part jazz, part Afro-Brazilian, part European, “Choro Novo” really swings. Rabo de Lagartixa is the acclaimed group whose CD topped the charts in Brazil. Acknowledged to be one of the top ensembles of this intriguing new sound, “Rabo” features Daniela Spielmann (the blond beat-kicking sax player), with Brazil’s great virtuoso 7-string guitarist Marcello Goncalves, the famed Beto Cazes on percussion, Jayme Vignoli on cavaquinho, extraordinary bassist Alexandre Brasil, and guest Estevao Teixeira on flute. Rabo de Lagartixa “breaks your jaw” (the title song of the CD) as they unite jazz-like passion with their inventive arrangements and the melodic beauty of the choro tradition.

01 Quebra-Queixo (Caio Cezar)
02 Paranoa (Marco Pereira)
03 Formosa (Baden Powell - Vinicius de Moraes) - w/ Elza Soares
04 Melodia Sentimental (Heitor Villa-Lobos - Dora Vasconcelos)
05 Brincadeiras de Quintal (Bilinho Teixeira)
06 Choro Miudo (Bozo)
07 Pagode Jazz Sardinha's Club (Eduardo Neves - Rodrigo Lessa)
08 Joaozinho na Gafieira (Luis Filipe de Lima
09 Que Graca! (Alessandro Valente)
10 Arrasta-Pe (Waldir Azevedo)
11 Alegre Menina (Dori Caymmi)
12 Carrapato (Joao Lyra - Paulo Cesar Pinheiro) - w/ Pedro Luis e a Parede
13 Diabinho Maluco (Jacob do Bandolim)

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