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Natural Child - Hard in Heaven (2012)

shummuhs | Rock | Просмотров: 368 | Комментарии: 0 | 16 января 2013
Natural Child - Hard in Heaven (2012)
Artist: Natural Child
Title Of Album: Hard in Heaven
Year Of Release: 2012-09-18
Label: Natural Child Music
Genre: Garage Rock
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 36:42 min
Total Size: 234 MB


01 – Laid, Paid, and Strange
02 – Rock Bottom
03 – What You Gonna Do
04 – Hard in Heaven
05 – B$G P$MP$N
06 – Blind Owl Speaks
07 – Low Down Blues
08 – Derek’s Blues
09 – Let the Good Times Roll

Newspaper man can’t understand/ Try to talk about what kind of dude I am,” sing the co-frontmen of Natural Child, Seth Murray and Wes Traylor, on Hard in Heaven‘s opening track, “Laid, Paid, and Strange”. In my own defense as said “newspaper man”, it’s my job to talk about what kind of dudes they are, and I’d say they’re rock ‘n’ rollers who want some cash, sex, and weed (and I’d be right, as that first track freely admits to all of the above).

Natural Child is the latest in a line of Nashville-based garage rock acts that includes JEFF the Brotherhood and PUJOL, but Natural Child has the distinction of being the sleaziest of the bunch. Their sleaze is an earnest sleaze— blues-rock in the vein of Beggars Banquet-era Rolling Stones, played with the sloppy grit of garage outfits such as the Oblivians. Hard in Heaven is Natural Child’s third LP (their second of 2012) and their most entertaining selection of songs to date.

Murray and Traylor share the mic, shouting in harmony about the curves of a husky-yet-irresistible woman (“Rock Bottom”), hiding weed in their mouths while talking to a highway patrolman (“Let the Good Times Roll”), and “searching for a certain kind of high” (“Blind Owl Speaks”). Natural Child sings about drugs a lot. In fact, the band supposedly formed when drummer Zack Martin—stoned off pot brownies— called Murray three times in a row, begging him to form a band. Murray agreed under the condition that they tour and record all the time, which they do.

Active since 2009, Natural Child record songs and tour whenever they aren’t in the studio. The repetition’s tightened their songwriting, and Hard in Heaven even gets emotional in spots. The band often eschews the mushy stuff in favor of the beer-drinking good times, but the title track, “Hard in Heaven”, is burn-out blues at its most desolate. Looks like all that toking has caused the band to look inward (read: Neil Young’s “On the Beach”). “I spent too long living in my head,” sings Traylor. Introspection foiling hedonism: a rock ‘n’ roll archetype fitting of a scuzzy trio like Natural Child.

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