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Wigwam - Dark Album (1977) [Reissue 1991] Repost

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Wigwam - Dark Album (1977) [Reissue 1991] Repost

Wigwam - Dark Album (1977) [Reissue 1991]
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 145.09 MB | SCANS | Time: 52:33
Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Soft Rock | Label: Love Records/Siboney | Cat.#: LRCD 227

This is the seventh and last Wigwam studio album for this time, because after the release of this album, they just fade away as a group, and they made their last Scandinavian tour in December 1977.

The final album that Wigwam recorded at the end of their long association with Love Records was to be the Dark Album, an album that was involved in a series of upheavals for the band ending in their ultimate demise. The original title for the album as meant to be Daemon Duncans' Request, yet executives at Virgin Records on hearing the finished product refused to release it on the grounds that it was too "low-key and non-commercial". One must realise that the period of 1977 was when punk music was at its zenith and most major labels, including Virgin, were more willing to back a punk band rather than a classic/progressive rock band. Thus Wigwam were sent back to the studio and the album, re-titled as Dark Album, was released in late 1977. By this time the band had already split up for a second time. Surprisingly, considering the circumstances, the album is a strong one and definitely more cohesive than their previous outing, Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose.

From the opening track, Oh Marlene!, one can immediately sense that the album would feature less of the complex arrangements that the band would normally have included in their repertoire and instead what one does get on the album is more of a watered down Wigwam. The pressure of Virgin Records on the band to come up with more commercial material seems to have had an effect on the band's creative output, something which is also visible when one looks at the songwriting credits where Jim Pembroke, the band's more commercial songwriter has a hand in all bar one of the album tracks.

Notwithstanding the pressure, the band still managed to come up with a piece of work that in my opinion surpasses Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose in terms of quality. Cheap Evening Return has an incredibly moving chorus and is considered as one of the album's masterpieces though the most popular number was The Silver Jubilee which saw the return of Jukka Gustavson, albeit as a guest musician, to the Wigwam fold.

Once again the guitar work of Pekka Rechardt stands out on various tracks. The almost hard rock riff of The Item Is The Totem is a sure sign that the times in the musical world were changing, a factor that also appears on The Vegetable Rumble that features a riff comparable to Thin Lizzy. While tracks such as Horace's Aborted Rip-Off Scheme showed that Pembroke had lost none of his English humour that he translated so ably into music, somehow though, the band must have felt that the end was nigh for Wigwam. On no other album is there such a large number of slow heavy paced tracks. The Big Farewell, sounds as if the band were singing their own demise while the album closer Helsinki Nights, another uncharacteristic Wigwam track, has the band bidding a definite farewell to their faithful. On the whole the Wigwam on Dark Album are a very different band that appeared on any of their previous albums. Something had changed within the members, especially Pembroke and Rechardt, that affected their musical approach. The end of progressive rock as a popular format seems to have hit the band hard without allowing them chance to recover. That coupled with the rejection by Virgin Records and the bankruptcy of Love Records laid the ground for the band splitting up. The CD version of the album also includes two bonus tracks one of which, Grass For Blades originally was on Jim Pembroke's Wicked Ivory album,and the original title track Daemon Duncetan's Request. ~ Review by Nigel Camilleri

Wigwam | Wikipedia | Love Records

Track Listing:

1. Oh Marlene! (4:54)
2. Cheap Evening Return (5:32)
3. The Item Is The Totem (4:53)
4. The Silver Jubilee (3:09)
5. Horace's Aborted Rip-Off Scheme (4:10)
6. The Big Farewell (6:29)
7. The Vegetable Rumble (5:06)
8. Helsinki Nights (4:04)

Bonus tracks:
9. Grass For Blades 9:15)
10. Daemon Duncetan's Request (5:01)

Produced by Wigwam


Jim Pembroke{ vocals, piano
Pekka Rechardt: guitar
Måns Groundstroem: bass
Ronnie Österberg: drums

Additional musicians:
Hessu Hietanen, keyboards
Jukka Gustavson, organs
Paavo Maijanen, background vocals
Timo Kojo, background vocals


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